Saturday, August 20, 2005

This morning I decided to look at some of those posts I had started to write, but never finished. One was started right before the November elections and was asking whether things are getting better (spiritually/morally) or worse in this country.

Another was in January and was the beginning of a commentary on friendship; prompted by the imminent relocation of a one-third of our "Novena and Beer" group (if you can call 3 men a group).

The next was the my story of Bethany which I didn't post because it appeared here .

Finally, I found a post which starts like this:

[Communism or Capitalism?] "reduced man to a force of production. ...It reduced gifted and talented people to nuts and bolts of some monstrously huge, noisy and stinking machine...."

This quote is from Vaclave Havel, former president on the Czech Republic on the Communist regime. It struck me that while Mr. Havel was referring to Communism; Capitalism/Industrialism as we know it today could easily fit the quote also. I can not remember exactly where I was going with this post, but surely I was going to point out how Capitalism in America is very utilitarian.


I note in Jeff's 'Blogfast' announcement he details the progress they have made in Orland in the 9 months they have been there. Having just completed our first year - albeit on a much smaller holding, I can also say Deo Gratias. However, there is much work to be done here. We will have rabbits within 2 weeks (1 buck and 3 does - NZ whites from separate litters are being held for us as I write). I still have not started the rabbit houses nor the new house for those young chicks who are not so young any more. Much work to be done....

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...

Oremus pro invicem!


Franklin Jennings said...

Glad I got a chance to catch up on your blog!

Nice news about your rabbits. I'm looking forward to learning what kind of hutches they use out there. I imagine since it is a temperate coastal area, open air conditions are going to be ideal. Speaking of things agricultural, I'm going to miss Mr. Culbreath's blog.

And I recently had an idea. Let me ask, who's your favorite Homilist cyrrently delivering regular homilies? I guess this limits things to preists in the parishes. Both for courage and polish? I know a good one for both, but he's studying to teach at OLG now, so writing homilies isn't on his radar screen now.

I was thinking we could pick a handful of such men, and approach them about just posting homilies to a blogger account? (I've set up an account before, the shortlived "Scribblins".) Most are writing them on computers. Uploading that text as a comment, weekly, might not be too taxing, and think how we might benefit!

JCurley said...

Yes we will miss Mr. Culbreath. I will post on the rabbit hutches soon - I should get pictures first. Nothing spectacular I assure you, wire and j-clips.

I like your homily post idea. I think there are 1 or 2 (probably more) priests who post their Sunday homilies on their blog.

My pastor I am sure does not write his homilies out any more. At 82 I think he has the 3-year cycle practically memorized.

I am really not close to the other good homilists I have know - at least now, but I will keep my eye out. Let me know if you get something up and running.