Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random Thoughts

Have been very busy between work (check out our our website we have a new addition today) and puppies (see post below somewhere). We have decided (as I promised the kids) to keep the 'sandy-haired' lab. We still need a name for her. Right now Sissy, Pearl, Oatmeal, and some other name are the top choices, but none have overwhelming support. The last stray we will take to the shelter. She will not warm up to us. Even if she just hears our voices in the distance, she runs into the pup house.

Have been out of the loop on many things, but here are a couple of good signs in the battle from Archbishop Chaput, here and here.

There is some more negative news, mostly having to do with bishops lacking spines and/or clarity, I'm sure you can find around st. blog's parish today - but I'm not linking to them.

Interesting commentary on traditions in two parts (today has the second installment called the Orchardmen part 2 - scroll down for part 1) at Caelum et Terra.

I think that because we are so focused on the immediate and can satisfy most desires with a snap (at least a Wal-Mart, if not the real thing), we don't often understand how our journey to (or from) God progresses, and how the groundwork is laid over time.

The cause and effect of many traditions (and of eliminating those traditions) is not well understood in today's society. A society with many cultural traditions tends to understand itself and life itself better because these cultural traditions are teachers - not just parties. [An article in crisis magazine this month by Anthony Esolen makes the case that America is actually devoid of any culture; we have Mass entertainment, but no culture which emanates from the populace.] The Catholic Faith itself is so rich and answers man's needs so well because it speaks to the cycle of seasons and the seasons of our lives - it is a culture not just a religion.

From the small holding in Bethune ....

Oremus pro invicem!

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