Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Happy Nativity!

It has been a long time (December 13) since my last post-but much has happened!

As usual, I post a picture of our tree, not quite as big as in the past, but it looks the same when fully decorated.

Most of the children were home for Christmas, but two didn't make it. I guess that's what happens when they get older, live far away, and/or get married.

We wanted to go Christmas caroling on the vigil, but had been bogged down with nagging colds for a few weeks. We did go to Midnight Mass at St. Peter in Cheraw - the only one at midnight within 90 minutes.

With little ones in the house again. it was a challenge.

I do want to recommend a new blog: CountryWillAlwaysBeHome . Disclaimer: it is my son's, but check it out. He has some things to say.

Oremus pro invicem!


Charlie said...

I would love to be in front of your wood burning stove right now. Cold!

Jim Curley said...

Yes! but we are going through wood pretty fast this year. I can't remember it be so cold all day for some many days - that is running the wood stove all the time for going over 2 weeks now? But come on up the road!