Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Read in the Emergency waiting room (waiting to find out daughter did NOT have appendicitis):

Now, since people tend to prize knowledge above holiness, we must be warned that this enlightening is not an understanding of the Divine Mysteries. It is a call (vocation) to obedience; and it is a mission (apostolate) to love the laws of God: the two Great Commandments. (Conversio by John Meehan 1976)

I think it is true - people love to know things - and we sometimes think because we have all this knowledge, that we are holy. (I know the commandments; I know the catechism; I know the proper rubrics for the Mass; .... etc.) But probably most of us will realize this is false if we think about it.
Oremus pro invicem!


Charlie said...

I picked St. Joan of Arc as my confirmation saint mainly because she was illiterate. Calvinists tend to replace holiness with learning, so I was drawn to her as a refutation of that Calvinist impulse from my Protestant past.

Holiness comes from great love. The heart of St. Joan was the one thing that wouldn't burn. It already burned with the love of God.

Thanks for the reminder of this lesson. It comes at a needed time in my life.

Jim Curley said...

When I read the quote above, I realized that I was reading about myself. You can fool yourself by replacing love with knowledge. The irony is (a priest once told me) that God is too big to get to him with your head - it has to be with your heart.

Thanks, Jim

jimdorchak said...

Happy to hear everyone was ok at the emergency room.
Sounds like a good read. We are reading the devotion to Mary right now and listening to Fr. Wolf's sermons. Jim