Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reading now ....

“Reading” audio version of Crime and Punishment. It has been years since I first read it, but C&P retains its relevance.
Almost finished a first time read of The Three Musketeers. I can see its attraction (swashbuckling adventure) for a younger reader, but the proliferation and acceptance of mistresses by the protagonist(s) is a turn off for me. One redeeming feature of this tale is the chapter entitled "Bethune". Just the title, not the content.
Am also reading American Church (or the Cardinal Gibbons Legacy?) by Russell Shaw. Shaw always is very readable. (Am I biased because he was a Requiem Press author?)
I am not very far into it, but can tell it will bring insight into how the Catholic Church in America got to its present state with relation to American society and culture. (In some respects, the Requiem Press title by John Meehan The Two Towers gives some insight into this also.) The telling point will be the predication or suggestions for the future which come at the end. I think it may be very timely especially if you throw in the traditional vs. modernistic (and suddenly American) view of marriage (see news on the variance between the San Diego and Philadelphia dioceses’ interpretation of Amoris Laetitia.)

Oremus pro invicem!


Charlie said...

I recommend The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas. Way better than Musketeers.

Jim Curley said...

I agree. I think I have read "The Count" a couple times in my life and seen at least 2 movie variations.