Friday, November 11, 2016

Just earlier today I was telling Mrs. Curley that the Republicans won't have the guts to repeal Obamacare. (After all, Obamacare is essentially the Republican response to the old Clinton universal plan from the 90's). And Trump's promise was that he had something "wonderful" to replace it.
So what is so wonderful. Well WSJ is reporting this afternoon that Trump says he plans to keep at least part of Obamacare.

Hmm! Here we go!


TS said...

I would be absolutely thrilled with Trump if he can get thru 4 yrs with no wars, no economic catastrophes and good judicial appointments. That would feel vaguely miraculous.

Health care can't be fixed by government; the die was cast when it became hopelessly entangled up with companies as an employee benefit decades ago. The general rule of thumb applies: if it could've been fixed, it would've by now. There's certainly been ample incentive. The Obamacare failure is only confirmation of the obvious, so Trump is a realist in not repealing the whole thing.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan saw it all coming 50 years ago. He asked why education and health care costs were going up by greater than the rate of inflation. The answer was simply because neither can be computerized or made more efficient - in both you need a lot of human effort and input, and that's increasingly expensive relative to the rest of the economy in which costs have dropped due to computerization. I don't know how government can "fix" that.

Jim Curley said...

I think I agree with everything you wrote (although vaguely miraculous seems to be an understatement).

I just think it is humorous that the key commitment of Republicans for the past 7 years has gone up in smoke the minute they have the power to do something.


TS said...

Yep the whole thing is a farce, though at the same time so serious. Strange times.