Monday, March 21, 2016

Backpacking Log

So, son Thomas and I went backpacking/camping this weekend up to Jones Gap State Park. I hadn't been there in over 12-14 years. Thomas had never been there.
We left here early on Friday and returned Saturday afternoon. We got to Jones Gap at 11:00 AM and headed into the woods at 11:45 AM .
We arrived at the campsite at 12:15 PM. After setting up camp, including a new 1-man tent for Thomas, in which we both were determined to sleep, we left for a hike.
Jones Gap trail (5.3 miles) runs along the Middle Saluda River. There are several falls along the trail or on spurs. We had already backpacked in 1.1 miles, so we decide to walk the rest of the trail and back.

Thomas at Jones Gap Falls

We went up to see Jones Gap Falls on a spur. The we stopped for 30 minutes or so at a rock formation in the river. We soaked our feet (coooooooold water); Thomas waded around.

Then we took off again. Just shy of the 4 mile mark I took a spill. Not hurt, but somehow this spill started a blister on one of my toes. Instead of chancing it, we turned around at 4 miles and got back to camp. (3:45 PM)
We gathered some firewood and got a fire going. For supper I wrapped a potato in foil and tossed it in the coals. I grilled some fish fillets. When the fillets were 80% done and I figured the potato was about done also, I removed both from the heat. I cut up the potato, the fish, and added okra in a saucepan. With a bit of water, salt and pepper, I put the mixture back on the fire til it boiled for a bit.
Then we ate.
Me at Jones Gap Falls
It is good that we were very hungry! Not even the amount of salt and pepper I put on could make it good. But it was hearty and we ate it all.
After supper we played cards, prayed the rosary, and talked. Retired at 9:30.
We both squeezed into the tent. It rained cats and dogs from 2:00 to 2:30 AM.  When we rose, we decided that instead of coaxing a fire with all the wet would and kindling (which we COULD do if we had a mind to), we would break camp and find some breakfast back in civilization.
Just part of the scenary!

 We were in the car heading out by 9:00 AM. Great trip.

Oremus pro invicem!

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