Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lonesome Pines and Robert Hugh Benson

Listened to The Trail of the Lonesome Pine last week by John Fox. I had seen the 1936 movie with Fred McMurray and Henry Fonda. The movie only resembled the book in spirit-not so much in content.
Am now listening to The Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson. If one recalls, Robert Hugh Benson wrote The Lord of the World which is a favorite of Pope Francis. Many years ago, it was recommended to me and I read it. I said "eh". Just a few years ago I was prompted to read it again due to some strong recommendations. I did and said, "eh".
RHB writes The Dawn of All as some thought The Lord of the World too depressing or pessimistic. The Dawn of All gives an alternate future (set in 1973!)
I am about halfway through. At this point I am saying, "eh".
Now, RHB also wrote (as I mentioned somewhere below) The Friendship of Christ. This one I would highly recommend. I finished it during this past weekend's retreat. (My one negative comment on the book has nothing to do however, with content. Content is most important, but presentation does effect the reader also. I would say, the publisher needs a good layout man.)
It is hard to give some sample quotes: it is the whole context and insight which the author has to the spiritual life and its problems and progress.
Oremus pro invicem!

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