Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reading and things

Update: Decided to read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

Arundel by Kenneth Roberts – another book that was neglected in my youth, to my loss. I picked it up a few weeks ago and have been engrossed. At the beginning it reminded me of the favorite of my youth, Treasure Island. Arundel didn’t continue in such a high esteem, but never-the-less is well worth the read.

I do a lot of commuting these days between the technical college I adjunct at and other work I pick up. I am always looking for good books on CD from the library. I have found that most mysteries and westerns available are just not worth it. The language is usually too crude to my taste and often there is subject matter which is described in such detail that a man shouldn’t be listening to (or anyone else for that matter.) Louis L’Amour westerns are an exception. They hold my attention (so I don’t fall asleep on the road) and are generally very clean. (Just finished Mustang Man on CD from the library.) has many worthwhile books. My problem is that if you download them and put them on CD, you are constantly using CD. If you play them straight from the computer in the car, you have to hit a new track after every chapter-which is not safe. From I have listened to some of Chesterton’s fiction, Zane Grey, and a few others. (My youngest son complains that Zane Grey's are simply romances dressed up as westerns - I guess he's pretty on the mark for the most part, although Lone Star Ranger was an exception.)

I have listened to Lighthouse CD’s when I have new ones available.

My next handheld fiction foray (as I usually have something non-fiction in the works also at any time) my be to return to Kenneth Roberts (maybe Rabble in Arms or Oliver Wiswell, or I heard he wrote about Cowpens also, which is in SC and deserving a visit from the Curley’s in the near future. Or possibly I will return to James Fennimore Cooper. I have both read and listened to The Last of the Mohicans and read The Prairie.
As you can guess, my fiction interests tend towards 1-2 centuries ago and the outdoors!

Christmas season is officially over (although some celebrate til the Presentation), but our Christmas tree is still up and beautiful-although I think its days are numbered this weekend. Much work has been done on the homestead this past month as we built a new horse pen, slaughtered a couple hogs, several chickens, started cutting and splitting wood for next winter, and burned much yard debris. Our Fall square dance was held on January 2nd this year and a success (by our counts anyway.)

The freezer is full; the boys back at college; and the schedule is full. Life is good-although we miss the boys.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...

I just do not do the driving I used to or I would check out some of the audio books you have suggested.
If you are interested in some history on SC and Cowpens, try "The Battle of 96". It is a real good in depth description of the revolutionary period of South Carolina's history. It can be a little "Datey" so to speak and continues the William begot John who begot,,,, and so on, but the important thing the book imparts is the deep history of the Revolutionary War and how 90% of the battles were fought in the South, many or most in South Carolina. This is kind of contradictory to common thought that all the big stuff happened in Concord or NY or some such thing, when in fact if you read the book it will be explained how and why so many battles were fought in SC.
I think that Dr. John Devanney would approve of the book. We loved Cowpens and did demonstrate there several times in our standard black smith garb on living history days. January 17 is the anniversary of the battle of Cowpens. Also if you drive up to Cowpens you need to go to Kings Mountain which is really part fo the same battle and will be on your way from Bethune.
BTW the house looks nice with the new vinyl siding!

Jim Curley said...

Jim, I'll look up your suggestions. We have gone to King's Mountain a couple times. Went to the park and toured the battle site. Also have backpacked in the Federal Park there and camped out. We haven't been to Cowpens and plan to go this spring.

BTW-it's paint, not siding...And its not yet completed on the sides.

Miss you all. Have tried to comment several times on your Adventure blog, but it never lets me do it. But I do keep up.



Jim Dorchak said...

From a camping point of view Cowpens is not the tops. It is after all a cow pasture, but the history side is kind of cool.

Man that paint looks so good you would think it is vinyl siding!

We miss ya'all as well but every time I look at the news about up there I have to ask myself if the press is making this stuff up? Lots of crazy up there!

Lori is bumming about the blog and has wanted to move from Blogger to Word Press since this is a problem that can not be solved. Some people can comment, and some can not. We looked up the likely problems, and over the past 2 years have not been able to find a solution. We even made the suggested changes and it made no difference.

I think it has something to do with Google Plus and its structure. It really is quite annoying.

Tell the family we said a belated merry Christmas and happy new year.