Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Make your children see this one ....

... and it is good to see with your spouse too.  Make Way for Tomorrow

We borrowed it from the library the other day, and (in my Dad's words) it is "a drippy movie"-that is no one will have dry eyes after this one.

The review to which I linked says of marriage:

Our lives appear to us as a story: a story that we tell ourselves about our past, act out in the present and script for ourselves into the future. To share one’s life with someone, then, is to embark on a daring creative venture in shared storytelling. To marry is to say: Let us make of our two lives one story, a story that I will tell to you and you will tell to me. Telling and retelling that story — reminiscing about shared experiences, especially the happy or funny ones — is one of the secrets of happy couples ...

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