Thursday, April 02, 2015

New pigs!

Woke up yesterday morning to find that Sam had farrowed her litter. It looks like 8, which is a low for her, but not to worry. We aren't a high production operation! They are big, almost equal the length of the 3-week old pigs of Betsy's litter. Here is the first picture-better ones should come later. (some are under that hay.)


Anthony Bescher said...

I basically agree with what you are writing here. Capitalism does tend to go into socialism. I agree also that the the family should be the basic unit of society both morally, and economically.
The problem I see is that as good as it soulnds, it is not going to happen. We are on the road to socialism in America, and may end up in communism. I agree this is controversial.
What your theory needs is for people to be moral. Today's leaders, and their sycophant friends, both in business and in politics, are not moral and hence they take advantage of, and economically abuse, their workers and constituents.
I think the only hope is to start over, from the bottom, with a few moral families that are insulated from our present day immoral rotten world. Rotten is as rotten does! You and I are not going to change them, in my opinion.

Jim Dorchak said...


The road to socialism? No you are in the deep end of the pool, in the fish tank, in the middle of the forest of socialism right now and do not know it.

Keep up the fight though and I will pray for you all from Chile.

Jim Dorchak said...

Jim is this hog an "Glouster Old Spot orchard Pig" I am not sure of the corret name of the breed.

Jim Curley said...

Jim, Not a Glouster Old Spot (although I wish I had one.) She is a York, Duroc, maybe Hampshire cross. Descendent of one of our previous best sows.

Hope all is well. I check in on your website regularly, but always have trouble leaving comments.

Happy Easter, Jim

Jim Dorchak said...


I am wanting to buy some of these Gloucester Old Spots here in Chile as our first step into the pig world. Any advice?

Happy Easter back at you!

Jim Dorchak said...


Can you give me a run down on your De-Worming techniques for your pigs?

Sorry for the bad phone connection the other day, but hey I am 5,500 miles away and it takes a while for the cord to stretch between the two cans.