Thursday, March 26, 2015

Those boys!

This morning I had a lot to prepare for class and I had a car with a broken upper radiator hose and needing a new thermostat.
I started working on it, but was frustrated that this car with 243K miles on it had never had its thermostat replaced, and thus the original thermostat was staked in.
With much to do, I called my boys to finish taking out the hose and then grinding off the stakes.
When this was done, I went back out and guided them in replacing the thermostat; they did the hose.

I am proud of them. What responsible and skilled young men I have.

Oremus pro invicem!


Anthony Bescher said...

I don't particularly like Dorothy Day as she was a Socialist. However, I did spend 2 months in one of her Catholic Worker Units, managing a men's homeless shelter...being homeless myself.
Dorothy Day said our foundations are always found in poverty, manual labor, and seeming failure. Your problem with the van was seeming failure founded in poverty. But was it really failure?
Our Lord died on the cross, a seeming failure, but in reality his death on the cross was the greatest of all triumphs. Working together builds relationships. You are turning your son into the strong Catholic man that God desires him to be, a true success.

Jim Curley said...

Dorothy Day actually wasn't a socialist, but she definitely wasn't a capitalist either (neither am I). She flirted with Marxism before her conversion, but definitely no socialist.

As to my boys, I am hoping that despite me, they will still turn out to b strong Catholic men!

Anthony Bescher said...

If you are not a capitalist, what are you?
I agree Capitalism has it's problems with the government industrial complex running the country. Just what kind of society would you want. Theistic Communism would be great but communism kills incentive. How about a benevolent dictatorship?

Jim Curley said...

Tony, since my partial response is long-winded, I will post it as a separate blog post above. All of what I will write has appeared elsewhere on this blog over the 10+ years I have been posting.

So stay tuned ....

God bless you.