Friday, August 22, 2014

Pumpkins and Peppers

Picked our first pumpkins today. We have a bunch, and some are huge. However I am fearful about them making it. This year we had no squash bugs on our zucchini, but it looks like they've found the pumpkins at this late date. I am hoping for the best.

Anyhow, pictured below are 3 pumpkins we picked today. These are the baking kind. We do have a patch of the "jack-o-lantern kind also, but we mostly planted these from last years' seeds. I believe the largest would weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. There are some even larger ones out there-some so large I can hardly believe it.

We like pumpkins, not just for ourselves, but the seeds are a great natural wormer for livestock and the pumpkin itself is highly enjoyed by the pigs.

Also in the picture note the drying cayenne peppers strung on the stove pipe. We had a bumper crop and probably won't even plant them again for a couple years. After dry, we grind the peppers and store them to add to sausage, etc.

On this feast of the Queenship of Mary - Oremus pro invicem!

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