Friday, October 11, 2013

So I think I pinched a nerve which makes my left arm and shoulder hurt a few weeks ago. Not one to let a little pain get in the way, I have kept working with it until this past weekend when it became a big pain. Now I am pretty much useless around here. Although I haven't seen the doctor, I believe the best prescription is rest.
This is why any readers out there have seen more posts from me during October this year than any month since March 2012 (well, except last month.) I have started to revive my "writing career"-that one that doesn't pay any money-although I did have a paying article published in a homesteading magazine last year.
The whole point of this is to alert you all to a new series of mine which begins today on and which will continue every Friday for the next few weeks. The series is about being a father. Some of the articles in some form or another first appeared on this blog.
I certainly don't claim any particular expertise on fatherhood. In fact these reflections are actually my own meditations on what I need to do to become a better father-at least at the time they were written. So enjoy, if you can and give me some feedback.
Here's a quote from today's installment:
St. Thomas Aquinas notes (in The Ways of God) that we should “model ourselves” on our Creator in his attributes and imitate Christ in His actions.
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Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

I had a pinched nerve about ten years ago. Chiropractor gave me very simple stretch/exercise to do and that fixes it. I lay on my stomach on my bed with my head, chest and torso hanging over the edge, and then arch my back upwards. Maybe that would work for you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I'd fall over on my head, but its worth a try.



Ella said...

I have a trapped nerve in my right hip but my doctor told me to put up with it as I don't have pain with it all the time.