Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I come back from NH yesterday after delivering Connor to The College of St. Mary Magdalen to many tasks. We have more wood to bring home from a neighbor, there are plumbing problems in the kitchen, the peanuts appear to be ready to harvest, as does the sorghum, and I have pigs to cut. But … as indicated below, we are back in milk!

Matthew has overseen the farm excellently while I and Thomas were gone. He has picked more pumpkins, kept the animals in good health, and been adopted by our new heifer calf. (I like the sound of that, "heifer".) She bawls everytime she sees him and runs to him. I guess I know who will be training that heifer the next few years.

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Curley and the girls have kept everything else going, including unloading a large trailer of manure which was donated to "the cause".

It is surely good to be home.

Oremus pro invicem!

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Jim Dorchak said...

Beautiful baby calf Jim!

We have a private blog. Email me and i will send you address. NO PORK HERE! Much to speak of. I see no pigs in pens here. We have seen many out in the field. Also they do not have breakfast sausage here so we miss LEGGS.

We plan on buying 3 sheep this week. To cut the grass and dress the table later. Sheep are big here, so are dairy cattle as well as a few beeves.

I went to a farm auction saturday to get a feel for prices here, and for the most part they are similar to usa. They sold a good bit of equipment and about 200 head of holsteins.

Sure do miss Curly pork and sausage. Emily & jimmy will have to bring LEGGS when the come in december.

Looking for your email. Those pesky kids sure do grow up fast dont they? Hello to Lori & kids.

Jim Dorchak