Thursday, April 11, 2013

Corns up. Broccoli is making. Peas are looking great. Still cutting & splitting wood.  Fixing chainsaws, tillers, engines-business picking up a little bit. Will be planting peanuts by the end of this week. We start plowing for the sweet sorghum crop tomorrow.Had our spring square dance this past Saturday. Cooked 1/2 hog on the grill and danced and danced. (Actually I am the very amateur caller, but, being the caller, I don't dance much.) Mrs. Curley is laid up with bone spurs, so I had to Virginia Reel with my youngest daughter-but what a treat. (To see me VA reel with Mrs. Curley, see the cover picture on the song in the post below.Sold three of our sows 2 weeks ago, including our 8 litter old-timer Big Spot. We still have our best sow Harry and a gilt we will think about as the future sow. One sow provides us with all the pork we need plus a little extra. Scaling down a bit will give us more land to plant on.Oremus pro invicem!

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