Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cutting wood, cutting wood, cutting wood. This describes much of my days these days. My neighbor is thinning his pine forest and there are many hardwoods interspersed. The race is on. I need to get as much as I can before he burns the rest so he can replant pine. Most of it is cherry and oak. We have been taking it out in 3-4 foot sections to be cut to size and split later. I think we have more than enough cut for next year and the year after. My chain saw has been getting a workout. I think it is near to the point of needing some refurbishing (new sprocket and chain). I have gone through three chains (actually 2.5) since September. Just shows how much I have been cutting. I have another saw which I plan to refurbish for next season-an Echo- which also needs a new sprocket, chain and bar.

I did put in broccoli, brussel sprouts, Swiss Chard, Romaine Lettuce and a few rows of peas (early Alaskan and sugar snaps) last week. We needed to re-plow and harrow some of the garden-which is now done. I plan to put in a whole lot more peas by weeks end.

Last year I started planting corn by this time (picking our first corn on 1 June). This winter has not been very harsh, but it is certainly hanging on longer than last year. It will be a few more weeks before the sweet corn goes in, much to my relief, I have so much to do before then.


I am writing a book! How to Slaughter and Butcher a Pig. I have it about 70% written, but have lots of figures and pictures to add. I am hoping it will be available (at least electronically) by the end of the summer. I haven’t figured out yet how and where I will sell it, or if I will offer a print version.

Mrs. Curley and I plan to end our Lent by doing an at-home, eight day retreat (1- hour per day) based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Pray it goes well and that we succeed in setting aside the time required (the real challenge.)


Number One son is working all kinds of hours as an EMT to pay for college-Wyoming Catholic-which he will be starting in the fall. He has worked hard for 2 years. We will miss him around here-but he works so much, we already miss him.

Oremus pro invicem!

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