Monday, May 21, 2012

So, another week in the bucket. Have been busy cultivating peanuts. Need to get the Gypsum on soon. Another clutch of turkeys hatched (5). We should be picking our first corn in 7-10 days. We’ve had a few inches of rain the past week or so. This will be enough to make some good corn on at least our first planting. One more rain needed on our 2nd planting, and we’ll just have to see on our 3rd and 4th planting.

Sal had her second litter of pigs. 16 born alive. 14 survive the week and going strong. Harry the sow due in 2.5 weeks or so. Need to get a new farrowing pen built for her. The old one is under corn right now!

We are still picking broccoli and have started picking peas in earnest-two pickings a week right now and the sugar snap peas will have their first picking this week also.

Our horse sustained an injury from the mule right where the plough collar sits. Thus we haven’t been able to prepare the last part of the leased field for planting cow peas. We are hoping it will be fully healed this week and we can get back to ploughing so as to plant the cow peas by early June at the latest.

Landed a part-time job on at a local quail barn. It is the answer to our prayers. Added income with flexible hours just minutes away, what more can one ask for? I give entire credit to the Infant of Prague in whose hands we place our needs.

Comforting words from this morning’s Gospel (from John 16): “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”

Oremus pro invicem!

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Anonymous said...

Good job with you garden, it looks really good out there. The corn is wonderful, your animals look good, and your wife loves you very much as well as your children too. What more could a man hope for????

We are praying for you........