Saturday, February 04, 2012

I've had a job offer which would be a full-time position. It would pay well, but would require a move and an end to all but the simplest of homesteading activities. Much to think and pray about. We haven't had "benefits" in years and certainly haven't had the kind of salary in the offing.

A friend was extolling to me all the pros of going back into industry full-time. He made many good points. He ended the sales pitch with this: "and all you'd have to give up is your freedom.", and then he chuckled.

Ah, but that last is the point. Please pray for our discernment and acceptance of God's will with joy!

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim said...

Man! What a change that would be.

Dorchaks are praying for you all.

Jim Dorchak

Jennifer Fitz said...

Praying for you! That is a big decision.

Jeff Culbreath said...

Will pray for this intention, Jim. Would the new job be in a big city?

Jim said...

Ok Jim

Spill the beans. The suspense is killing us!

Jim Dorchak

SincerelyRhoda said...

I am new to your blog and so very thankful to have found it. I know from just reading a few entries that you are sincere in your search of Gods will in this "big move", At this moment we are seeking God for the polar opposite. My husband and I live in a suburban home and run a small ministry but continue to feel the pull to a more rural lifestyle, embracing a new way to provide a healthy life for our 5 adopted children. We know God is directing but we also know its His timing. I promise to pray for you and your family and i will continue to visit to glean all the information I can about becoming a better steward of my life and the lives of my family!

Anonymous said...


Praying for you and this decision. I completely understand!