Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wisdom of yesteryear

Clipped from The Agrarian Nation:

Of all the callings to which man has ever turned his attention, farming requires the most actual practical experience. The custom in the New England states in the olden time, as it is said, of sending the dull boys to college, and putting the bright ones to work on the farm, was a sensible one. A boy of ordinary mind can be educated to the standard of the so called learned professions, but it takes a bright brain and an energetic hand to manage the soil as to make it a willing, profitable servant. [1885 Maine Farmer's Almanac]


P. Briggs said...

Jim and family:

Glad to see you posting again! I was afraid you dried up and blew away in the August drought. The quote about sending the dull boys to college is the tincture of wisdom: I left for college as a young man, and haven't gotten smart yet.

Hope your Fall is just wet enough.

Anonymous said...

Don't dry up here. Don't, don't...


Florence Furnace repair said...

its wise to listen to these kinds of wisdom.