Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Things

No, I am not moving to Maine, especially with 4 odd acres of land next door to get ready for planting.

About 1/8 acre, where we have planted peanuts in the past, has been manured and tilled with a walk-behind rear tine tiller. We will be planting an heirloom variety Swiss Chard in this area.

But now to the 4 odd acres left ... we are plowing with the boys' horse! Yes, we bought a forecart, harness, etc. with turn plow and spike harrow attachments a week or so ago.

Saturday we hooked up Old Man (the boys' Quarter Horse) and tried him out pulling just the forecart. He seem a natural-possibly he'd done this before?

Monday afternoon, we hooked up the turn plow and brought him to the field. Son number one walked beside Old Man while I drove the cart. Okay, there was a bit of zig-zagging at first, and I haven't got the hang of keeping him right next to the furrow, but for a first time, it went well. We only did six lengths on this first day, but that was enough for both of us. Once we build his strength and stamina up, we should be able to plow about one acre a day.

We took Old Man out again this morning and did a couple more turns on the field. We had to get his pony pen mate to walk along side for motivation.

I have a feeling that Number One son will be better at this than I-so I plan to let him take the reins the next time out.

We had access to a tractor, but I think this investment will be more valuable. It certainly it quieter than a diesel engine. You get a workout (even in the cart). And I think it will be more attractive work for young men (and an old man), certainly more exciting.

Hopefully we will have pictures soon.

Oremus pro invicem!

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Jim said...

Hey and tractors do not give you manure!

Jim Dorchak