Monday, February 15, 2010

This Sunday, Father suggested we look at our life and see what we are doing that gets us closer to God what doesn't. Although Father didn't mention it, it is a good preparation for Lent.

And, I read in CWR the following by Annie Calovich:

My sister, Celine, had been insistent that our mom not go into a nursing home, and she had prepared her daily for death, saying the rosary and other prayers with her at set times of the day, keeping holy images in front of her eyes and the TV out of her room. ....

Since we should always be preparing for death (St. Paul says that our day of salvation (or not-JC) is closer than it has ever been) perhaps we should heed the same practices.


Something to feast your eyes on before the meatless days which are soon to come before us. (Part of the hind quarter during the butchering of Bucky.)

Finally, a clip from the recent snows. (Aside, my boys have worked recently for a local horse trainer: exchanging their work putting a roof on his barn for a horse. Horse was delivered a week or so ago. They are still working for a saddle and tack.) Here is Number 2 Son taking a ride in early morning after the snow this past week. (The background sound is undoubtably Big Spot calling her litter to nurse.)

Oremus pro invicem!


Rae said...

Keeping the television out of the bedroom sounds like a great idea, but I am conflicted on keeping it out of the house entirely. On the one hand it seems an obvious step toward purity of heart, on the other, it seems as though it is necessary to participate in our culture.

Jim Curley said...

We haven't thrown out our TV (yet); we use it occasionally for a DVD or VHS. We have no reception out here and suffer not for the lack. I could easily see not having it at all.

When I think of just the hour or two more a week I need to finish this or that project (or to spend more time in prayer) and realize it was spent watching a movie, it makes one think. (of course the same could be said of the computer in many regards0.