Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of animals

We have now hit 3 deers with 3 different cars in less than 5 years. I should call our fleet of cars deer magnets. I hit a buck on Route 1 just north of Camden on Monday. The grill and right headline are gone. The radiator is bent and was knocked back into the serpentine belt. Fortunately (and miraculously) the radiator did not leak. I had a piece of wire in the truck and tied the radiator back to the front of the engine compartment. And it made it home okay. Don't have comprehensive on the '87 truck, so I am on my own. I figure a new radiator isn't that hard to install and I can pick up a grill at a junk yard.

I would have put the buck in the back of the pick up and brought it home (I did kill it) but I had a 200lb pig (another story) in the back of the truck and had no room.


Goats were born last year on number 2 daughters birthday; our cow calved on my birthday this year; our roving gamecock hen hatched 5 bitties on number 3 daughter's birthday this October. I guess this isn't so coincidental considering how much livestock we have around here, but it is interesting.


Today it is official, I now have 3 teenage boys in the house. God is good.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...


I sounds like you are going "Hog Wild" down there!


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If you dont have a Jim Curley hog..... well you just don't know how to spell P.I.G.

Jim Curleys pigs and hogs.... Bethuene SC.

Don't let the Oinking scare you we have a pig for you...

He he he

Happy birthday to the teen.

Jim Dorchak

Rachel said...

Oh my. Three teenaged boys? I think I'd have dropped the pig at home, and gone back for the buck! You're gonna need something to fill those bellies (and hollow legs!).

GL--I'm going to have 17, 15, and 13 yr old girls, with 10 yr old twin brothers, in another 8 years. I am already stocking up on hair color, ammunition, and am building that 13 ft high stone wall topped with barbed wire and glass around the place..I'm not 100% sure whether the wall is for keeping people in, or out. But either way, it should be effective. LOL

GL with the teenagers. And Jim's "Pig Dealership" ad sounds good. Although, I would make sure to mention the fuel efficiency of them. Kind of like biodiesel. Solar power. Etc.