Friday, October 09, 2009

Can't believe I had never heard of the Foxfire anthology books. Mrs. Curley picked up a couple at our local library (Vol. 1 & 6) and I am enjoying them. I thought it would be the instructional articles (the fine art of moon-shining?) that would be most interesting-but it is the interviews with some of the old timers from Appalachia. (Once more I hear the refrain, "We never had money, but we had plenty to eat.")


We took a road trip yesterday to the Isle of Palms outside of Charleston. We hadn't been to the beach in over 2 years and felt it was time. We got the animals fed and watered early and took off.

Even though it was warm (high 70's on the beach) we figured it would be pretty empty-the way we like it. Unfortunately, it wasn't. But we had fun anyway.

On the way home, one of our tires de-treadded. It was practically new. It's the 2nd tire that has failed us since we got the tires in July of this year (the first failed, but it could have hit something. This time, however, the tread actually peeled off the tire and wrapped around the axle; it didn't go flat. They weren't new, but were practically new 'used' tires-full of tread. Apparently they weren't so good.

The tire failed going 70 mph with an 18-wheeler climbing our tail. We were lucky (blessed that is) to escape safely.

The 'adventure' of a day at the beach didn't quite end there. I got what looked to be a mild sunburn on my legs, but this morning when I awoke, I couldn't walk. My legs were swollen and ached. The sunburn still looked mild, but boy was I hurt'n. After a course of Ibuprofen, I am doing a little better-getting around with a cane.

All's well that end's well.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...

Sounds like sun poisoning. Stings a whole lot too. Good luck and do not itch it.

Jim Dorchak

Rachel said...

Oh my!!!!

Can you go back to where you bought the tires? Is there any sort of guarantee on them, even though they were 'used'?

I am so glad that you are safe...

Prayers for a quick recovery (I agree with Jim, by the way--it sounds like sun poisoning).

Jim Curley said...

I am sure it was sun poisoning-partially due to a new med I am taking. ... Cane was gone by Sunday.

Got the tire replaced for free. No guarantee with them, just a man who would like my further business in this small town.

Rachel said...

Ahhhh. Well, reputation is still vital for small businesses in small towns (especially if they know you will tell others of your experience with their company).

Glad you were able to get it replaced, quickly. Being immobilized because of a tire issue is no fun whatsoever...

I am very glad to hear that the cane is no longer a necessity! Medicine reactions can say the least, particularly with sunlight (I've been on some of those before, and I've learned the hard way to pay attention to those sun and food interaction warnings). I am sure you have, too.

God bless!