Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's some fairly recent pictures of life here in Bethune. First up is a few pigs from our litter in July as they have grown a bit.

And then one of the pigs (now hogs) from our very first litter in April.

One more hog picture. This is one large hog. You can't see it, but we dug a hole so the head of this hog wouldn't hit the ground, so my feet are about 1 foot higher than the hog's head.

Now for some chickens .... The first (left) is our flock which is laying now. Some Rhode Island Reds, a Comet or two, a Black Sex-Link, and a couple Americaunas.

The second is part the flock of the future (the near future I hope). These are Comets and White Leghorns. They should start laying in earnest any day now. (We are getting a white egg here and there.)

Okay, now a one more pig picture to wind things up. The "reds" are doing quite well. The larger one will enter our breeding herd come December. The other will enter our freezer around the same time.

Next time, may be I will have a picture of our Turkeys. They are quite big now-almost ready for harvest. Speaking of harvest, our field of peanuts should be ready for harvest this week.

Oremus pro invicem!

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Jim Dorchak said...

That a big Hog!

Jim Dorchak