Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back to Ireland

Our beloved pastor, Fr. John O'Holohan SJ, returned to Ireland after some 20 years as a missionary in the States, preceded by some 20 years as a missionary in Zambia. He's not retired, he will be the chaplain to a hospital in Dublin and help out at parish.

We love you Father John! You have lifted our hearts closer to God these past 5 years! Pray for us - we will pray for you!


Saw two kid's movies this week; a rare occurrence around here. First Cars. It's really the story of Bethune. In the 1960's, I-95 opens and towns along the former main route from Maine to Florida (Route 1) begin to die. Bethune used to have a truck stop, bowling alley, restaurants, movie theater, schools. It's all gone (the elementary school is hanging on, but just barely.)

Then, due to rain canceling our beach trip, we went into Columbia for a free Tuesday morning showing of Charlotte's Web at the Sandhills movie theater. (I have never read the book or seen the orginal cartoon version-although all my kids had done both.) I think I appreciated the movie much more now that I am out here homesteading than I would have 6 years ago. Pretty funny, and truly "G"-rated as advertised.


I have so much good stuff to write about around here, but am so busy, I don't have much time on the computer. Actually, am thankful for that. I am at the stage where I almost want to chuck it-but I do make some $$ here and there using it, so it can't go yet.

I will leave you with a photo from the goings-on around here. We had the pleasure of harvesting our neighbor's field of corn and stalks, which was 'through' for the season due to lack of rain (thankfully we have been getting rain again the past 2-3 days.) The corn we will feed the hogs (we ate a little ourselves) and the stalks we will dry and feed the cows. Here are our first attempts at corn shocks.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...

Hang in there! Sad to see Fr. John go home. Is that first picture of Fr. John?

Good to see you could do somthing with the corn stalks.

Jim Dorchak

Jim Curley said...

First pic is Fr. John giving his first blessing after ordination to his parents.

You hang in there too!

Jim Dorchak said...


Im trying to get you about buying some pigs next saturday. Benson and I and Steve Miller want to buy some pigglets for the freezer. Can you call me at home.


Jim Dorchak

864 469-6093