Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When Mrs. Curley and I were a young couple with a young family we experienced often something I rarely understood. Here and there an older couple (usually having grown children) would sort of 'adopt us'. These were always great people; we enjoyed some wonderful friendships and times, but I never really understood why they adopted us. Yeh, our kids were cute, but ....

This past Sunday I think I sort of figured it out. A young couple were getting their first child baptized at Sunday Mass. They actually aren't parishioners; the young man's parents are, but he is in the service and on leave. They were so clean cut and so young, so much energy, and obviously so much love for that baby. My heart (even though I still have my own at home, but no infants) went out to them like it never has before.

Maybe I am just getting old and sentimental.


Swiss Chard is in. Mrs. Curley cooked it in macaroni, cheese and sausage last night... delicious. The other day I was picking zucchini and I saw what I thought was a huge weed growing out of the garden. I picked it ... a huge radish, pictured here.

Finally, our first litter of piglets go on sale Thursday this week.

Oremus pro invicem!

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