Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In our last post-it seems eons ago, I paraphrased a point in The Way by Saint Josemaria Escriva on successes and failures. I received correspondence from a dear friend pointing out that my paraphrase isn't exactly true. Of course I can't lay my hands on my copy of The Way this morning (I had last week), but I did find a website with all his writings. Perhaps this is what I was thinking of:

Make this firm and determined resolution: to recall, when you receive honours and praise, all that brings a blush of shame to your cheek.The shame is yours; the praise and glory, God's. - The Way #252

In any event, my correspondent pointed out that God is with us in our failures and that sometimes a failure is not what it seems. Further we can only succeed if we cooperate with God's grace. (I AM paraphrasing the correspondent.)

All true. I guess was looking at it in another context: Some people will take credit for the rain, but blame God when they flunk a test they didn't study for.

Of course, point #252 really isn't about either. It is about giving God his due.


Finally, I have been meaning to write about this for a couple weeks. I walk around with shirts having a dirty left shoulder, from milking-that is I lean on Mabel (our Jersey) with my left shoulder. If I milk in the same shirt multiple times, the stain becomes permanent. Another aspect of life I never contemplated before.....

And, I didn't want to let yesterday's feast of my favorite saint, Thomas More, go by unnoticed. I have often wondered at the fact he didn't remove his hair shirt until a day or two before his execution, and then only because he didn't want it found on him, preferring this penance to remain anonymous; this after more than a year in prison. That's a man!

Oremus pro invicem!

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