Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend update

We've been getting a lot done around here. Planted a field of peanuts on Thursday. Picked our first zucchini today. It looks like we'll have lots more. Second crop of peas (first were sugar snap, these are Alaskan) are up and starting to fruit. Kale is going strong. The spring collards are about done (fed these to the pigs.)

Speaking of which, we are starting to 'creep' feed them (meaning feeding them food which their momma can't get to but they can) in preparation of weaning them this week.

Don't know if I mentioned it before, but we acquired a couple Duroc/Tamworth cross weaner piglets a few weeks ago. One is hopefully for the herd. Here's a picture of these two. I like red pigs.

The milking is going well. We still haven't separated the calf from the mother, (we haven't finished the milking shed for that matter), but we are getting almost 3 gallons a day for ourselves, plus cream for the coffee and butter.

One sad note for us, but a happy note for others-as they gain what we lose: Our beloved pastor, Fr. John O'Holohan is returning to Ireland for good. He will be living in a Jesuit house their and working in a parish in Dublin near his family. We will miss him. He inspired and guided us these past almost 5 years. We will pray for him (and a holy pastor for our parish) and miss him.

Oremus pro invicem!


Benson said...

Those little fellows sure are growing! By the way, the pork is great, however prepared. Thanks again!

Jim Curley said...

Benson-they sure are. Glad the pork working out for you! We had a great time when you came down.