Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We went to Mass in the morning-the kids doing some school work in the car on the way (it is a 35 mile trip.) Came home. I worked on a new chicken tractor, we put a picnic shoulder on the grill. After lunch, two of the boys and daughter slaughtered and plucked two chickens, which I then butchered. One son finished up the chicken tractor while I took another up to McBee to buy a bale of hay. The animals got fed, the cow got milked, and we sat down to dinner.

And boy what a dinner! That bbq'd picnic shoulder was fabulous. (Mrs. Curley had marinated it and continually basted it while on the grill. This is how to cook a shoulder.)

I commented on how well we eat. I said I bet we eat better than anyone we know. Then I also commented on how hard we all work. Number Two Son said it was worth it to eat like this. (I am glad he thinks so.)


We have been saying parts or all of the rosary in Latin these past weeks. First we did it just to learn the prayers in Latin, but it has caught on. Number Three Son told me it helps him concentrate on the mysteries. I can't get away with saying an 'Ave' in English without some looks from the kids. Amazing how some of the kids have better pronunciation of the Latin than I do (even though I took 3 years of it way back.)

Oremus pro invicem!

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