Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on the Communion in the hand issue discussed below: The Man with the Black Hat discussed this several days ago as it arose in Texas. Here is his take after some research:

You see, the multiple options notwithstanding, Catholics of the Latin rite are ENTITLED to communion on the tongue, but are merely permitted communion in the hand. This bishop's attempt to restrict it is illicit -- that is to say, it is unlawful. He has no authority to restrict that which a higher authority allows. Even if he has an excuse. Even if he likes the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from people blissfully following one's every official utterance.

I haven't been keeping up with the computer, so I didn't realize this was going on elsewhere.


New goat kid today Birth just happened a few minutes ago. This will be the last of the season.

One of our free-range roosters landed in the dog kennel today. Our dog (collie/spaniel mix) broke its wing-probably trying to play with him-and then (the dog) started crying-which alerted us. I hope this isn't the start of any bad habits (on the part of our dog or our roosters).....

Am getting more milk now. I've figured it out, and the cow has figured out that I have figured it out.

The boys weren't serving Mass on Sunday so we decided to get an early Mass at another parish (our parish only has one Sunday Mass at 10:00 AM). Not a great idea. The priest announced that we were all to receive Holy Communion in the hand due to the flu thing. I have never received Holy Communion by hand in my life-and neither has Mrs. Curley or the kids-and I wasn't about to now. We were some of the last to receive. When we did receive on the tongue (the priest did not try to confront us in Communion line) Mrs. Curley told me (I didn't notice) that there were lots of gasps and whispering. Guess we won't be too welcome there. That wasn't the only thing. Their 'vacation Bible school' was being held at and jointly with the Episcopal parish. Am grateful the the blessings we have now.

Can you imagine if there had been a confrontation over Holy Communion. I could announced that not only would I only receive on the tongue, but I was simply a poor swine farmer! What a scene that would have been.

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...


It is my understanding that the Latin Mass has been abruptly discontinued in Columbia, have you heard this?

It is was explained to me that it was politics.

Jim Dorchak

Jim Curley said...

Jim- I hadn't heard this, but am dining tonight with someone who would know. Will keep you informed.