Monday, May 04, 2009

Milking ...

I find homestead chores are taking up most of my time these days. This is not a bad thing. I do miss posting daily and substantially, (there are plenty of stories to tell), but real work calls. Just a short update here ....

Piglets are growing and prospering (11 of 12 survived). I visited a fellow hog-raiser on Tuesday and learned how to castrate piglets. It looks just like it reads, but it is good to see it done in person before trying at home. I will keep a couple piglets, but plan to sell most as feeders by the end of May.

I mentioned turkeys briefly before .... We ordered 20, but only 13 survived the first 48 hours, so the hatchery replaced the 7. We received these this past week. The first set of turkey is ready to leave the brooder, as are our meat birds (some Cornish X hens and some large breed roosters). Much work to do as neither has a place to go.

Milking shed has most of its walls now and is partially roofed. Still much work to do, but we now have a place to milk. The new calf is indeed a heifer. If all goes well with milking, we will keep her.

Milking has been rough to start, but I am getting the hang of it. We are now milking her out twice a day while still keeping the calf on her. This gives us some, and introduces us to the milking schedule (we need it more than the cow), and still gives the calf a strong start without the calf over-milking. I'm still learning this milking thing, but somehow I feel different now that I have done it (?).

We still have one goat that has not kidded yet. We will begin selling some goats soon too.

The garden is looking pretty good in general. I planted zucchini and beans last week. We have more to go. I have a concern on some sections of the garden with some yellowing going on. I am not sure what the cause is. We have many peanuts to plant this week. I hope to get the boys on it.

I am way behind on office work and regular household fixits, so that's it for today. God is good!

Oremus pro invicem!

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