Wednesday, May 06, 2009


That is, how it applies to cows and milking...We've had some trouble milking the cow. For one, we didn't up her feed before she calved because we didn't know when she was due. So this offsets full production. For two, we are just getting the hang of milking (and she us.) So weren't doing so well. But there is a third factor I theorized, but was proven this morning. Letdown. She was holding back her milk for the calf. (We have not separated them yet. We just take whatever milk the calf doesn't.) This morning we got out there just as the calf was trying to nurse. I shooed the calf and milked.....letdown!!!! She couldn't help it, the milk had already been let down. We got twice as much as ever before.

We haven't started drinking it yet-that will come next week, but have been feeding it to one of the pigs getting ready for butcher. (And by the way, I am not the only milker. Yesterday I was earning keep in the city and Number 1 son had to do the evening milking. He did a good job.

Now to the garden. Not everything is in. We still have more beans, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, and lots of peanuts to plant, but we are not behind. So far the peas have come in well. Beets, cabbage, onions, collards, Jerusalem artichokes, cayenne peppers, tomatoes (2 plants) and some zucchini and beans are all up (in various stages of development.) We already harvested the radishes. Most went to the beasts, as did the thinned beet greens and collard greens. But I tell you, we are working hard.

Still have a barn to do, a pig pen to construct as well as building something for the turkeys ... they are just about ready to leave the brooder, as are our meat birds. Better get back to work.

I will try to supply more pictures soon. We have them (and videos, just not much time.)

Oremus pro invicem!


Jim Dorchak said...


Try giving the cow a little sweet grain as you milk her. A happy cow gives Happy milk and cows love a little feed grain. Green grass or greeen fodder is more helpful in producing milk and the conversion is much better as well. Just a few thoughts from my 4-H days.

See you friday a week.


Jim Curley said...

Jim-We feed her grain ration when milking her. Last night she wouldn't let down, but I got her again this morning just after starting to nurse.