Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From The Catholic World Report:

It might be a perception that my active rejection of safe environment programs for children as an unjustified intrusion on both the innocence of the child and the integrity of the family reflects a glimmer of courage. But there too, I simply am responding to the courageous resistance to these things already manifested by hundreds of concerned and faithful Catholic laity. They are the real bearers of the badges of courage. In the midst of their own schools and parishes they have borne insult, rejection, repudiation, and even discrimination because of their firm upholding of the truth. - Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon

This simple statement, I am sure, can cause tears of joy in some circles. I have been mostly fortunate in the parishes and schools my family has been involved with. But my parents never received the credit for their constant battle for truth and the real Faith they waged when I was growing up-only persecution. Fortunately we play for the end game and not for accolades on earth. (But a little recognition, like this from Bishop Vasa, can buoy the spirit.)


Yesterday my 14 year-old son asked me whether if I could have one of two wishes granted would I opt for world peace or certain knowledge of my vocation (at 14). I replied that if at 14 I had known my bride was to be Mrs. Curley, it might never have happened...that I may have sought Mrs. Curley out, found I didn't like her and rejected my vocation; that Mrs. Curley may have not liked the 14-year-old me and thought I was strange for insisting that "God appearred to me and told me we were to get married."; and that all the things I have learned and experienced in life, including in the struggle to determine God's will have prepared me for accepting and doing my best in my vocation.

I got to thinking that I was blessed, 1) to have a son who is pondering such thoughts, and 2) that though my response was true, it is a hard one to live, even now. What does God want of me now? Which direction/endeavor should I concentrate my efforts?

Same answer: Pray and be holy. All else will come.

Oremus pro invicem!

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