Friday, November 21, 2008


This morning when I did my periodic check of Stoney Creek Digest, it occurred to me that interested parties should start a pool to guess when the blogfast will end. Winner has to be the closest without going over. I would guess December 28th except I think something will happen in the news (especially in CA) which will prompt a brief break in the fast before then. Therefore, I will place the date at December 9th (2008).

Stay tuned. If I get my work done early enough today I have another installment of "The Pig-Chasers" to relate.

Oremus pro invicem!


Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Jim,

I am taking a tap dance class. I heard from my mother that you used to like tap dance. -L

Anonymous said...


Do you use your own animals for Thanksgiving dinner?

Jim Curley said...

Dear L- I am not sure what I used to do would qualify as tap-dancing, but I certainly gave it a good effort.

This year we are buying our turkey from the grocery store (23.9 lbs). But we hope to raise a few turkeys next year and have our own.

We did have an excellent ham last week from our own pig!

Jim Curley said...

And, Dear L: I hope to see you do some tap-dancing. Tell your mother and father you MUST come down and see us (and animals, and the garden!).

Anonymous said...

I'd say you are very close with your estimate. I was going to vote for mid-December a couple days ago. However, I have reason to believe it will be before November is over.

Jeff's better half

TS said...

I'll go with Nov 28th, based on Jeff's better half's response.