Monday, November 17, 2008

More pictorial homestead update

A couple days ago, I posted pictures of our living things: garden and animals. Now it is time to post pictures on 'dead' things. First up are a couple pictures from our last pig slaughter. I only put the first up because it shows my best side. I can't recall why I was climbing the pole, but probably to hook up the come-along. The second of course is self-explanatory.

Next we have a pig skin being smoked. I commented on seeing the picture that it looked like the skin was on fire. My daughter assured me that it was at that moment.... Tanning hides has been a project for number one son. He has done some pig hides and is currently working on a goat skin.

Then we have a few pictures of the kids working on the chickens. We did four that day and 6 more yesterday. We have more to do, but the rain is holding us off. (Actually it rained a bit yesterday too, and the kids rigged a tarp over the plucking area.)

The feathers go into the feed bags and then to our compost pile (good source of nitrogen). I do believe the next batch of feathers we are going to save for a pillow.

Once plucked, Mrs. Curley and I take the meat. Sometimes I eviscerate and freeze the whole chicken. Sometimes I skin it and cut the quarters off, depending.

Finally we have a peaceful picutre around the campfire on our trip to NC early last month.

Oremus pro invicem!


Anonymous said...


Great pictures! The boys and I would love to come down again and help on the next one as well.

I have some recipies for pork roast and country style pork chops. If you like I will put them up on the blog?

Thanks for the wonderful freindship.

Jim Dorchak

Jim Curley said...

Jim-please do put up the recipes. And you can come down anytime. - Jim