Thursday, October 16, 2008

Watched the debate last night. Clearly, John McCain did better here than in any of the other debates-despite the fact that his supposed strong suit of foreign policy was ignored. I was also gratified to hear abortion finally addressed. While it is clear McCain is repulsed by abortion, it also remains clear he doesn't really understand how important and destructive abortion is and has been to our culture.

The fact that homosexual marriage has been ignored is a travesty as it is also a clear threat to our culture. And it is foolish for John McCain to ignore it. Doesn't his campaign know that referendums on marriage in Ohio and few other swing states in 2004 brought out the vote and lifted (a noncommittal) Bush over the top in that election? It's really his only hope left.

Enough of politics-I have pigs to talk about.... only kidding.

I wrote a couple personal letters this morning. I have much to do to get ready for tomorrow's pig slaughter, so you all have a great day. God continues to bless us (only the Lord knows why ...) abundantly.

Oremus pro invicem!


Zach said...

At least your pigs don't have to worry about lipstick.


Jim Curley said...

There you go!