Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I know I promised, but I couldn't resist this demonstration of the direction in which we are headed (from The Distributist Review):

And according to the Washington-based news site The Hill, the House will be limiting the amount of e-mails voters can send to their Congressmen. It is claimed that this will reduce strain on their computer systems, so as to avoid crashing it. Others believe this is only to limit the amount of protest e-mails Congressmen are getting over the horrendous Bailout Bill. I tend to believe the latter is the case.

And this from Catholic Exchange this morning:

One particularly cynical aspect of the bailout negotiations was the Democrats’ request for 20 percent of any profits that the Treasury might make on the eventual sale of assets that they would purchase under the plan; those profits would go to groups that serve as slush funds and lobbyists for Democratic special interests. The profits would go there instead of back to the Treasury. Republicans naturally balked at agreeing to fund the Democratic political machine as a condition of trying to rescue the country.

Things are getting murkier.....

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