Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You know that $85 Billion to bail out AIG was created out of thin air. (The Feds must think they are God!). No tough love here. No plan for the future. Let's just try to ease through this one and then maybe good times will return. Ha!

I guess the Feds don't think the impending demise of my little operation here is worth a bailout. No "big" people are affected.

It's funny. Sales (at Requiem Press) have been down all summer (typically slow) and haven't rebounded as expected in September. Of course as sales go down, I spend more and more time on consulting, which actually pays bills. This September is the first month in 4+ years where I wasn't sure we were going to get all the bills paid for Requiem Press (and believe me, we've had some dire times when RP was the only income). Next month is in real doubt.

And while sales are low, and more sales would keep us afloat for the time being, that's not the real problem. I have bookstores and other bulk buyers who won't pay their bills. If they all paid, I wouldn't be worried about October bills.

I don't ask for everyone to come on and buy more or donate some $$ to keep us going, because frankly, I'm not sure it will in the long-run. My experience is (granted I am no businessman) that this is an ongoing cycle. Everyone pays their bill in the end, but I have to beg them to do it. In a better economy, there are enough who do pay their bills on time to help the others float. Unfortunately my creditors won't be as forgiving as I have been.

Sorry for the rant, but the bailout of AIG just got me going this morning.

Oremus pro invicem!


Rachel said...

Oh, Mr C, I do understand. We're currently undergoing financial strains ourselves (husband just retired from the military in the spring, waiting on the VA to make their decision regarding his disability, and while he has a civilian job, and we do get his Army retirement, well, its getting ugly).

I'm sorry things are so tight! I've had to put alot of purchases (we homeschool) on hold because of the money issue...which of course is harder on the small merchants such as yourself that I like to do business with. I know that there are many people in similar situations and it isn't getting any better for any of us.

I'm just glad we've got food on the table (for now), and a place to live...

Many prayers for payments from those who owe you...


Jim Curley said...

Dear Rachel: Oh yes God has blessed us abundently-we have never lacked for food. I hope I didn't sound too discouraged-things just hit me that way today.

Thanks for the prayers and we will remember you in our family rosary tonight.


Rachel said...

Thank you so much. Any and all prayers are much appreciated as we wait...and wait...

Give my regards to the Mrs, if you would.

Anonymous said...


I too have the self employed woes that you speak of. I just pray that God will provide and he always does. Not always on my schedule, but he does provide.

BTW I googled Forced Pullet Laying recently and found some excellent articles on Lighting for Laying Hens. Give it a try.

Jim Dorchak

Jim Curley said...

Jim-I will check it out. Our Golden Buff Orpingtons are back to 50% production-supplying us again and just about allowing the boys to uncover the road-side sign again at least occasionally. The Plymouth Barred Rocks still aren't producing much. I will check with my neighbor again who has some 100+ layers.

(Thankfully my consulting gig keeps going and producing enough cash!)