Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Life on This Here Small Holding

Here's the picture round-up. First up is Mrs. Curley making friends with the pigs. This is about 1 month before there first pig slaughter. Here the pigs are over 200 lbs. I believe this was the first time Mrs. Curley ventured into the pig pen. The pig on its side would be "Little One" who always used to flop over when you rubbed her belly.

Next is number 4 son and myself making housing for day-old chicks. Number 4 son is in charge of raising them and helped with the construction also. Basically it is box off the ground. The floor is tight wire netting and the roof is chicken wire which can be covered with a tarp at night or when it is raining. The box is made of reclaimed pallet wood.

Here is the one picture I will post of the first pig slaughter. Many of the other pictures didn't come out too well (lots of heads missing). You can see a bathtub and blocks of ice in the background. CT is behind the carcass. (I don't know where TS was at this time.) I am barely visible in the red.

The next two pictures are our newest pigs (shortly after we got them in July). First is Duroc. I love this guy. He is growing fast. Then we have "Little Big One" on the left (sort of aggressive and thus not long for this world) and "Fred" who still has a lameness problem. I took his temperature yesterday (106.2). Am having trouble finding a vet to consult, but will work on it some more today. Lameness seems a bit better and he is eating-but without enthusiasm.

Great picture here of Number 3 son with one of his hens. A moment after this picture was snapped, the hen looked my son in the eye and then pecked at it.

Finally, we have a shot from our last pig slaughter. Here we have just loaded the pig into the truck and CT is starting to skin as I hold the hind legs apart. Numbers 1 & 2 sons are visible in the truck.

So that's the slide show for today folks. I tilled cow manure into three garden areas yesterday-I will plant on Wednesday. I have some more sections to do, but they can wait another week.

Off to work.... Oremus pro invicem!

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