Monday, September 29, 2008

In order (the weekend)

Friday evening I was reunited with some old friends on the occasion of hearing Mike Koelzer, R.Ph. speak on his decision to stop selling all contraception at his pharmacy in MI. Boy, some of his recollections of his father really hit home for me ("my father was my hero"). But even more so how God works with you and gets you ready for when the time is right (if you are open.) And didn't he (MK) say something about total trust in God-that often it comes to a point where you have no resources (be they physical or spiritual) left of your own-that you must totally put yourself in God's hands or get out of the game....

On the way home I listened to the last 1.25 hours of the debate. Sorry I missed the economy bit, but the foreign policy section had its own enlightenment:
1. John McCain attacks even when he agrees (note, both articulated the same position on Russia and Georgia, but McCain still responded with the the "Mr Obama just doesn't get it" quip.) I sort of got tired of it. And by the way, is it proper for McCain to keep calling himself a "maverick"? Shouldn't he let other people do that for him?
2. Nothing was said about immigration or exporting abortion overseas-I assume due to the lost time on the economy.
3. I didn't see a whole lot of difference between them on foreign policy. There was a lot of quibbling on details and who said or did what when, but no major differences in direction (especially as how the withdrawal from Iraq really not the issue it was a year ago.

Saturday we trimmed the goats hooves. Most were in good condition, but one goat (the first we got) were in pretty bad shape, and still are. I have to go back and do it again. I am betting its been years since they've been trimmed.

We also found several dead chickens in their house on Saturday morning-my fault. These were the young chickens we got in July. I had built them a little house for their pen, but never replaced it or expanded it as they got older. It rained all day Friday and apparently a few got crushed as they all huddled in there to get out of the rain. I just didn't keep up with it and my youngest son is their tender; in his inexperience, he didn't realize that the housing was becoming problematic. We came up with a temporary solution Saturday. Some of these of course are going to the pot soon-but we only have a dozen RI Reds for next years' egg production. I think we need to get some more soon.

We've wanted to build a new hog pen to keep the rotation on grass going. But panels have gone way up in price and the local supply has been iffy. However, we have posts and some trees to take down in the goat pen as well as a lining of pine trees on one side of the property which borders on a pine forest. I'm thinking we can cheaply put up a fencing area with the logs and the posts. I will keep you all apprised-as I'm sure you're grateful for.

Weighed (measured) "Little Big Guy" this morning: 219 pounds! Of course I wanted to slaughter him before he got this big, and our schedule is for 2-3 weeks from now. (I am hoping for a little cooler weather and a decrease in the fly population.) I am going to have to ration his feed-no more watermelons. We are just about out anyhow.

This also means that Duroc is pretty close too. He must be around 175-185. I didn't measure him this morning, he's still a bit skittish, but finally warming up.

I know I can't seem to let go of it: Every time Capitalism has a set back, the bailout moves us towards Socialism. It happened in 1929, and it's happening today. I know people think I am crazy (the move to Bethune and then the purchase of pigs sealed it for most) but it is not concealed. It's all right out there in the open.

Did I mention I took advantage of the coming rain on Friday to plant a few more rows of turnips-which are breaking ground this morning? (The other turnips are flourishing, but not much else.)

I still haven't finished preparing the fall garden, and October is upon us. Our tiller is giving us fits (first the mower, then the chainsaw, now the tiller-not to mention the tablesaw and circular saw: this is the year of the broken motor!).

I have plans to add a drain and floor to the milking shed/slaughter house. Hopefully done in the next two weeks? Oh yes, and I guess I have to get some work done also.

Sunday we spent a good part of the afternoon singing an playing. We actually have a gig coming up in December. (Don't know how this happened. The gentleman who "hired" us (no $ involved, but we may lay out a hat) must be crazier than we are.) We sure could use some Culbreath fiddles, but we'll get by if we keep practicing.

Rambling now over (buy some books - subliminal message )

Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

Every time Capitalism has a set back, the bailout moves us towards Socialism.

The bailout does move us towards Socialism. But not passing the bailout would move us so more quickly and fully into Socialism that it would make our collective (pun intended) head spin.

Jim Curley said...

Maybe a partial collapse (which is not guaranteed by the way) of the economy would move us towards a "third way" and not towards Socialism. (Not that I want people to undergo hardship, but sometimes it is the only way to God.)

Read the two most recent posts at He warns greater calamity with the bailout than without.

Granted I am no economist, but something is fundamentally wrong, and the bailout just seems to heighten the stakes for the next time.

I am not sure what the path is to Socialism without the bailout...

TS said...

I will definitely check that link out.

I don't know of a time in the past century or two that economic hardship has not led to greater socialism. So I'm skeptical but am open to be proven wrong.

TS said...

I should've said "past century" (singular) since socialism in its current form didn't really exist before the 1917 revolution.

Jim Curley said...

Hmmmm. Will have to think about that and why.