Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flys & Gnats

Every year (August til the cooler weather sets in) we get gnats. In a year with more rain-like this year-they can be pretty oppressive. They don't bite, but they swarm and you swallow them and they get in your eyes, and ... well just unpleasant to be outside some days.

This year flies have also descended. Now maybe it is because the pigs and chickens, but maybe it is something more....

We have two seasons of flies regardless of our pigs. In the spring when all the farmers truck in turkey litter, the flies descend. But two weeks late (especially if we put out bait and fly paper) they are gone.

Again, in the fall, we always seem to have a week or two of flies. But this year they are earlier and more numerous. It could be our pigs....

We don't watch the TV news (no reception here), but apparently there was a piece this past week on the Columbia news station about the recent fly problem at a couple house just two miles down the street from us:

Folks say the flies are the result of a nearby field, where a company called Terra Renewal Services has been using rendered chicken parts to fertilize the land. DHEC tells WIS they have a permit, but the flies shouldn't be that bad. TRS says they're in the process of spraying the field to control the fly population.

I had heard something of the dumping of rendered chicken parts up the road in the context of worries about the cleanliness of the water supply (everyone here is on either a private well or a community well.)

You can read the whole story (or watch the video) here .

Our 15 minutes of fame: flies!


September always sneaks by. Here we are 1/2 through, and I had thought I was so ahead in my fall planting, but now have slipped behind.


Feast of St. Cornelious today-patron of one of my sons. He is a very virtuous and hardworking young man. Please pray for him today-that he continues to grow in God's grace. (Thanks!)

Now to go earn some cash....Oremus pro invicem!

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