Monday, July 07, 2008

We went to the library on Thursday afternoon. We had to get some lumber and stuff in Camden, so we took everyone and stopped for a bit at the library. I got The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. Have never read anything by him before. Of course, I have a few other books to finish first....

I also found Entertaining Angels - the story of Dorothy Day in the video section. Who would have figured this little library in the Bible belt, with only a few hundred videos would have this one. So we got it, and Mrs. Curley and I watched it last night.

I am always a little leery about 'saint' or political figure movies. The temptation is great (for the movie producers) to use the figure for their own agenda (even or expectedly from an entity like Paulist Films). I don't think this happened in this film.

I thought the film was good and mostly well-acted. At times it was intense and hard to watch-not your typical popcorn movie. Of course there were a lot of things left unexplored-how much can you do in 114 minutes? Dorothy Day's prayer life was mostly hidden. During her conversion she does tell God, "You certainly sneak up on a person don't you!" We also see her praying for discernment and during a crisis. But daily Mass?-not really addressed.

Yet her conversation with the Cardinal (played by Brian Keith) does highlight the fact she is not just a secular do-gooder, but trying to live the Catholic Faith. There are some unanswered questions-but perhaps it is an invitation to learn (and do) more.


RAIN! After Mass yesterday we picnicked with some friends at Andrew Jackson State Park just north of Lancaster. We packed up at 4:00 PM just as it started to downpour-but as we got within 15 miles of home, the skies cleared, and it was apparent no moisture had fallen here. But not to be 7:00 PM it was raining, and by looks of it, rained a good part of the night.

We are going to take the day off from building as I catch up on some office work (it is still overcast).

Oremus pro invicem!

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