Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday notes

A new article up on CatholicExchange by RequiemPress author (and my sister) Agnes Penny. Here's the clip:

For a Catholic, nothing is useless. Nothing needs to be wasted. The littlest sacrifice, the tiniest good deed, and the smallest moment can be transformed into a prayer. A smile for the cashier after a half-hour wait in line may get more souls out of Purgatory than you ever dreamed.


As I went off to work this morning (on the road again), I passed my two sons working the okra field down the road. A proud moment for papa.

We are working on the milking shed/slaughter house ferociously, as the day quickly approaches. Plans have changed so many times, my head is swirling. I will post pictures when they are available (maybe a couple months???)


TS' trip to New York fondly reminds me of my forays into Manhattan in past years. For several years in the late 90's I used to spend a few days in Manhattan once or twice a year. I am a creature of habit and not too adventurous. I found a favorite place to eat (and drink) and would go there habitually on every trip. It was Jameson's Pub (on 3rd, 4th, or 5th street-my memory is hazy, but I do recall it was right next to a pub named Murphy's into which I never ventured, having found my home.)

I used to order a Guinness and a bacon cheeseburger, with the intent each time of two beers and a burger. I recall the barkeep (the same one over a number of years-and he a young man with a thick brogue) would come to me just as I was finishing my first Guinness and ask, "And how did you say you wanted your burger?". Then as I finished my second, he would ask, "And did you want fries with that?" As I finished my third, he would place my meal and a 4th in front of me. As I asked for the check, he would say, "Ah, but I just am pouring another Guinness for you." It happened every time.

Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

Neat little anecdote. I'm jealous of all your trips to Manhattan!

TS said...

Looks like a fine Oirish pub:


Jim Curley said...

Now how did you find that? I must update the post for historial reasons with the picture.