Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reading ...

... a bunch of books. You know, I was at the library last week when my Internet was down and I couldn't resist browsing the shelves-even though I have a stack of books at home. And of course, if you get a book out of the library, it immediately gets priority as the clock starts ticking on your two-week window.

So what did I fall for? The latest Grisham novel, The Appeal (where I think you finally get an extremely clear picture of Mr. Grisham's political leanings), which I have finished; and James Herriot's sequel to All Creatures....: All Things Bright and Beautiful, which I am 1/2 through (not quite as good as the original).

But I am still reading the fascinating Third Ways by Allan Carlson. In fact, I am just wrapping up a chapter which discusses in detail the history of the 'family wage'. More comment on that later.

Finally, I am reading An American Family-The Buckleys by Reid Buckley. I must admit, when I first got the book, I immediately read the chapters on Camden, SC (25 miles down the road from us). Now I am reading it in the traditional way.


I pined for the outdoors yesterday (even though it was 100 F) as I sat at the computer all day. I think I was made to work with my hands-or at least dream about it.

I am off to the city today. If you need more to read, then checkout the latest Requiem Press book excerpt posted today at The Requiem Reader .

Oremus pro invicem!

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