Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still thinking a whole lot about the Catholic Worker Movement and Dorothy Day and struggling with the concept of pacifism. Maybe I will get a copy of The Duty of Delight-the diaries of Dorothy Day.

Read this entry from Stephen Hand. "Back to Sanity" for sure:

Shouldn't our daily work contribute to what we need, our daily bread?

....Shouldn't our food be grown locally so that when disasters strike human beings can more easily distribute and access the necessities to sustain life and help their neighbors? As it is now without billions of dollars of oil to truck, collapse is only a matter of time, generating oil wars in the meantime. (I was just talking of this with my mother last night-that the high prices of oil hurt disaster and famine relief efforts-but here is part of the solution?-JC)

... We need to get back to the basics in sovereign nations, creating those things which we truly need, allowing technology to operate only within reasonable bounds, not for our spiritual death and aggressive wars, but for medicine, reasonable defense and communications, more public transportation. All education should be local education, not dictation from Central Control. We need to shun all internationalist schemes whether Capitalist or Marxist, for these are hubristic devices to control, and lead us into slavery, new towers of Babel.The Journeyman system and guilds should be brought back so that young people can apprentice into good jobs and trades at the hands of true masters, not moguls who seek to deprave and exploit them. Yes, yes, it will all sound like insanity to those who need a spiritual checkup; to those who are heavily invested in that movement of bribery known as one-world government which seeks to steal your nations from under your feet, and replace your religion with theirs.

Two more books I need to read are Chesterton's Outline of Sanity and Belloc's An Essay on the Restoration of Property.

Getting back to Dorothy Day, the more I read, the more I think of what she has in common with Mother Teresa. AND, I think of how often we think of ourselves first-sometimes feeling sorry for ourselves over high prices, etc. etc. Yet, there are so many more who are worse off. If we spend time with these people we will surely see more of God blessings in our own lives.


Haven't "weighed" the pigs in a over a week now. They are big enough-just waiting for us to be fully ready.

We have some big, beautiful plants in the garden-but few flowers and no fruit. At first I thought it was my using some pig manure which was too fresh-but that doesn't explain the whole garden as I used chicken litter (old) in one section and 3-4 month old pig manure in another section. Both sections show the same characteristics. Could it be the seeds? Or could it be shock? (May was very cool and June almost 100+ every day.)

I have a brother-in-law who has a great green thumb. We could really use his expertise down here. Maybe if he lost his job, he would consider my proposition of moving his family down here with us to show us a thing or two. (Only kidding about the job thing-sis, if you read this.)


Am back in the office for a few days working after alternately being on the road and spending a great deal of time in the shop. Oh how nice it is to be smelling fresh sawdust at 5:00 AM instead of typing at a computer screen.

Oremus pro invicem!

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