Monday, June 16, 2008


Usually one day a week I travel into Columbia to do some consulting work. I think it is the day the whole family (and possibly the animals) dread (perhaps dread is too strong a word. Basically we all wish I was at home). I am really a homebody. I wouldn't mind if I never left our property-there is so much to do here-except to go to Mass. (Even then, it would be nice to have a chapel and priest right here.) Spending a day in corporate America-well let's put it this way: I feel out of place. However, we also recognize that this gig is a real blessing from God.


I have written briefly before about the Midlands Holy Family Fund (here for example.) I help put out the quarterly newsletter for MHFF and run their website. We have an urgent request, which is a little too big for the general MHFF resources up on the MHFF website -so if you feel inspired, read it and donate. I know the family in need and they are truly great folks.


The boys dug some more cellar yesterday while I slaved in the office. They are doing a great job. It looks pretty impressive. A few more hours and we should have the room dug. We'll pour the floor this weekend.

Oremus pro invicem!


TS said...

FYI, you might find this semi-amusing.

Me to my wife: "You know that guy from South Carolina that sent us a Christmas card?"

Wife: "Yes."

Me: "He started a blogpost the other day that went "I castrated a goat today...". That's not something I would want to do if we move out to the country."

Wife: (Says something about a method where you simply tying something on the animal, without getting too graphic here that's all I'll say.)

Me: "Oh really? I thought you had to cut off the penis!"

Wife: (laughs at my stupidity)

Me: "That's why I was cringing when I read it."

Jim Curley said...

Ha! Yes I used the rubber band method. There are more surgical methods-sometimes more recommended, but I was too squeamish for those.

Funny you mention it, it a takes a couple weeks sometimes for the apparatus to fall off. I just inspected one of them yesterday to confirm it "took", (it did.)