Friday, June 27, 2008

The last two days have been completely discombobulated-few things planned have gone as planned; but the most important things were accomplished today: Mass and Confession.


I read an article a few days ago (online) about just war, politics, etc. I thought it was well-written and made some great points. In fact I almost quoted a line or two here.

This article had numerous comments-many critical. Some points had at least some validity, but some were just unfair. A 1,500 word essay cannot cover everything. For example, all articles criticizing John McCain don't have to have a disclaimer saying Barack Obama is worse.

Also, there is so much immediacy to online articles. Comments are sometime generated with little thought or reflection-especially if the article is from a source you trust but is critical of one of your long-held cultural opinions (not about Faith of Morals). Reflection and research should precede comments-unless the comments are really a way of discussing and questioning to find the truth and not just knee-jerk reactions. Yet on the Internet, the article is long gone by the time reflection is given its time to work.

One of my problems in writing, is that I have trouble finishing an essay I can be totally pleased with, as I try to go back and cover every contingency. So goes I guess the life of a columnist-and to think that I had ambitions of being one at one time long ago...


I hear that Aquinas and More Catholic Goods is having a special section of goods for the Pauline year. Check it out.

Oremus pro invicem!

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