Wednesday, May 28, 2008

going back

When I worked in Lexington (SC), I would often visit the Catholic Church which was 5-10 minutes from my job. It wasn't our parish, but I spent some time there. On Wednesdays there was a noon Mass, which I got to more often than not. The rest of the week I would very often stop in during my lunch hour and make a Spiritual Communion or pray the Stations of the Cross, or just pray. Here is the spiritual communion I learned as a boy:

I wish my Lord to receive you with the purity, humility, and devotion with which your most holy Mother received you; with the spirit and the fervor of the saints.

Yesterday I made a visit to this same Church-the first time in over 4 years. It's funny how some things seem like an old forgotten friend. Christ is the same in every tabernacle, yet sometimes a place is like a song-it can bring you back in time. Over an almost 10 year period, I spent much time in prayer in front the tabernacle at Corpus Christi praying for my family, for discernment, for friends and trying to listen.

I remember my first visit there. I had just started my job after relocating from MA with the family. We were living in a hotel (for six weeks) and it was a bit stressful. Corpus Christi has a large vestibule area. I looked at the weekly bulletin, the literature rack, and finally at the bulletin board. Staring back at me was a picture of my very own sister! You see, my sis is a sister in the Daughters of St. Paul and she was gracing a recruitment poster.

Oremus pro invicem!

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