Monday, May 12, 2008

Fr. Vincent McNabb O.P.

My latest foray into Beyond capitalism and socialism-A New Statement of an Old Ideal covers the thought of Fr. McNabb, a Dominican who lived and preached in England in the late 19th century-early 20th century.

A couple points of note on his thought:

... priorities must be in order; that spiritual happiness must precede material and economic happiness ....

From this follows his 12 Point "Exodus" for fleeing from the city to the land. Here are two which struck me particularly:

4. Farmers should farm primarily for self-support. They should sell as little and buy as little as possible. (my emphasis - JC)

8. The natural defense of Freedom is the Home; and the natural defense of the Home is the Homestead.

This last was discussed a bit with a friend last week except we concluded that Freedom and Security are almost mutually exclusive. Fr. McNabb has a different answer in point 8. I suppose the Homestead can be the security if it is owned outright and well-worked.

Finally, from the chapter, the thought that is closest to our (Mrs. Curley and myself) hearts:

McNabb emphasizes that it is, ultimately, only for a religious motive that anyone would desert the cities for the difficult life of the country or remain on the land in spite of the financial enticements of the the suburbs or the city. (Dr. Peter Chojnowski in Beyond capitalism and socialism-A New Statement of an Old Ideal )

At this point, one might wonder why read a book which obviously is just confirming what I already believe? Here are my answers:

1. These 12 Catholics give me better words to describe what I believe;
2. Their words re-enforce and encourage our efforts at this point when other options may be facing us-tempting us; and
3. These essays give me more understanding of the urge we felt to get here and a better understanding (in a philosophical way) on how to stay here.

Our first two years here I worked my tail off in my little office trying to get a business going-and we made some good progress. In the meantime, the rest of the family tried to start and run a homestead with only Saturday work from me. I would pine as I watched them work the land from my little window. I was wrong. Yes, I needed to get the business going-but the homestead was our security and future not the publishing company.

I think my priorities are straighter now-I hope its not too late. (And the publishing company is doing okay-but not a source of family security-yet.)

Oremus pro invicem!

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